Talent development

A model of excellence in employee relations. We offer our employees the resources they need to achieve their professional goals and increase their knowledge and expertise in professions in environmental services that are constantly evolving and growing more complex.

An ambitious training policy based on our commitment to personal and professional development

We offer training to all categories of staff – with a special focus on employees in the field – from the time of hire to the end of their careers. Newly acquired skills are certified by diplomas specific to each occupation and recognized by the local authorities in the countries where they are awarded.

We offer courses both for new employees, as part of initial training, and for Veolia staff interested in validating their work experience by earning recognized credentials. To that end, we have opted for a work-study model that enables trainees to immediately put what they learn in the classroom into practice and to enhance their expertise with the help of a network of internal mentors.

Our commitment to work-study goes beyond training: Veolia hopes to make work-study opportunities the linchpin of our recruiting effort. Our training policy draws on a number of educational, institutional and professional partners and a network of Campus sites and training centers.


Veolia Campus

Veolia is one of a handful of companies to have created its own "school." Our diplomas, specific to our occupations, are awarded following the completion of courses leading to a high degree of qualification and recognition by the government.

Created in 1994, Campus Veolia now has 20 sites worldwide, including six in France. In each of the 11 countries with a Campus, the network offers a curriculum tailored to needs expressed at the national level.

Training programs and initiatives are geared to local requirements while adhering to the high quality teaching standards embodied in Veolia's training policy.

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