Doha South Wastewater Treatment Plant, Qatar

One of the main wastewater treatment plants of the capital

In 2009, Veolia has been awarded by the State of Qatar for the Operations and Maintenance Contract of Doha South WWTP, one of the main wastewater treatment plants of its capital, Doha (1.3 million inhabitants in 2013). The contract also concerns an additional wastewater treatment plant for domestic effluents of an industrial area south of the city (12 000 m3/d).

Doha South WWTP is the second largest wastewater treatment plant operated by Veolia in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the first Operations Contract for Veolia in Qatar.

The plant offers water, sludge and odour treatment.

The major challenges of this contract lie in:
  • Operating Doha South WWTP well above its design capacity in a context where flows increase by almost 10% a year.
  • Delivering all systems (ISO 9001 certified QMS, MAXO CMMS, SAXO process management systems) in a short period of time.
  • Ensuring seamless operations while the plant is being extended with numerous process works being demolished and replaced by new facilities.
  • Adapting the organisation to operate and maintain the new facilities from the plant extension (new SBR, ultra-filtration).


Doha South WWTP

- 90 employees (multinational)
- original capacity:
112,000 m³/d
- in 2014: 200,000 m³/d  

Industrial Area WWTP

- 11 employees (multinational)
- original capacity:
12,000 m³/d
- in 2014: 30,000 m³/d

7 years contract

(potentially extended to 10 years)

ISO9001:2008 certification

Population served in wastewater: