Treatment of river water for reinjection in oil wells

The client required fast track construction of a water treatment plant, to supply water for reinjection into wells in order to optimize the yield of the oilfield. The challenge was to maintain and exceed system performance and process stability.


Veolia Water Technologies was awarded the contract for the design, engineering, fabrication and assembly of equipments, testing and commissioning of a water treatment plant, integrated with the current 40 years old existing Qarmat Ali Water Treatment Plant.
It includes river water clarification using Actidisk solution, made of the compbition of Actiflo® & Hydrotech Discfilter technologies, followed by series of auto-back washable strainer filters to handle a flow rate of 206,400 m3/day.

The complete plant has a modular design and all the treatment steps are made of skid-mounted, pre-assembled and pre-tested elements before being shipped to Iraq.
Veolia delivered the plant within the committed period of 6 months.


  • The modular aspect has a big advantage in term of gain of time in the construction schedule
  • The compactness of the unit limits considerably the footprint
  • The site activities are reduced to minimal interconnecting and writing works
  • The wastage of water is minimized by recirculation of dirty and off-spec water
  • The start and stop procedure is very simple and the plant can be easily operated.