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Logo World Water Week 2014
The seminar organised by Veolia at World Water Week in Stockholm on August 31 will provide a perspective on the necessary transition towards an econom...

Antoine Frérot, PDG @Veolia "60% de l'accroissement du carnet de commandes du groupe provient de nouveaux contrats"
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Auch, a fine example of successful waste-to-energy

We designed, installed and commissioned a 23 MW cogeneration plant that meets all the site’s electricity and steam needs.

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Veolia has developed a unique process for recycling water generated during the gas-to-liquid transition so it can be fully reused on site.

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Veolia Chairman & CEO Antoine Frérot presented the French Minister of Economy, Industrial renewal and digital technology with an action plan on ju...

1928- DR Collection particulière P Bonarelli 1928
Veolia is 160 years of service to cities, regions and local communities

Un réseau d'eau de 4 470 km contrôlé 24 h/24
In Shanghai, Veolia holds one of China's largest public-private partnership contracts to manage a drinking water utility.

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Each year, millions of people flock to France’s 900 beaches and freshwater sites.

Visite niger PDG Veolia president francois hollande
Veolia’s CEO Antoine Frérot joined French President François Hollande during his state visit to Niger on July 18 for a tour of the Goudel drinking wat...

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