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Un réchauffement climatique devenu inéluctable
Veolia’s solutions prevented 24 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent worldwide in 2013.

Veolia Group Video 2014 http://t.co/p5UhRyubNH
robot nettoyage
Veolia has implemented an automated process for cleaning giant tanks without direct human intervention for the French oil company Total.

Tout savoir sur son eau grâce à son smartphone
1.4 million Czech customers can use the My Water app to receive a steady stream of information on their tap water.

New York met la barre plus haut
Veolia is helping New York City to save $100 to $200 million a year.

Faire carrière chez Veolia
Veolia is organized to foster entrepreneurship, responsibility and responsiveness.

Inscrivez-vous aux Trophées Performance
A competition that recognizes work produced by engineering and business students in their final year of studies.

Des déchets transformés en énergie renouvelable
Dalkia has developed the world’s first drying system for Dutch coffee roaster Douwe Egberts Master Blenders.

Scotland's Roseisle distillery has cut both its energy bill and water use...

400 000 tonnes
In France, Veolia collects massive amounts of used furniture for materials recovery and recycling.

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