Data management and smart services

Core concerns for local authorities and industry cover a number of areas. They include optimizing the energy consumption of facilities, improving operations and network efficiency to promote more sustainable use of water resources, and ensuring that the water treated and transported meets the highest quality standards. This ongoing process of optimization requires extensive information, which is why data management is also at the heart of the services Veolia provides to customers.

Veolia has developed an Energy Management System to maintain its commitment to minimizing energy use in water services, limiting the carbon footprint of water services and keeping overheads down.
Energy usage at sites operated by Veolia is carefully monitored and constantly improved.

Providing reliable real-time data and analyses for water and wastewater services is a major part of measuring operating performance. Veolia has made control centers an integral part of its operations. These centers provide a complete, real-time overview of services and enhance operational management. They are also in constant contact with customer

service centers to help organize field operations. The control centers use extranet sites to provide Veolia customers with constant updates on operations and where teams are working, along with any maintenance being carried out on equipment and emergency situation management.

Using remote meter-reading technology, Veolia has developed a service that allows public utility users, local governments and industrial companies to monitor their own water consumption. This represents yet another pioneering Veolia solution, based on an open network that can collect data from a full array of smart sensors, including meters for water and energy (natural gas or electricity) as well as environmental indicators (taking readings of pollution, temperature and noise levels)

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Duration :Contract start date : 1992, integration of SURFF 2011
Contract end date : Ongoing
Veolia solutions :
  • Take appropriate actions prior to the forecasted flood event thanks to SURFF tool
  • Optimisation of the existing wastewater treatment plants and network control systems.