Materials recovery

The recovery of materials helps conserve primary natural resources by turning waste into replacement energy products. By developing recovery solutions that provide its customers with certified secondary raw materials, Veolia has become the benchmark producer of renewable resources.

Thanks to a process patented by Veolia, plastics from Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), crushed to a size of fractions of 10 mm, can be identified, separated and qualified. On this basis, the Group can guarantee its customers over 99% purity for recycled plastics, allowing industrial operators to launch closed recycling loops and reduce their procurement times for raw materials.
 Paper/cardboard, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, fluids and solvents, sludge, etc. the list of ordinary or hazardous fluids and materials recycled by Veolia is long. Each product is subjected to a controlled system, from collection to re-insertion in the economic circuit, using technologies with varying degrees of complexity.  The industrial solutions proposed by Veolia combine flexibility and diversity while guaranteeing exemplary traceability in terms of pollution clean-up and reaching high recovery levels

> Recovery and production of secondary raw materials

> Production of recycled materials

> Production of compost

> Solvent recycling
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