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Veolia Foundation

Created in May 2004, the Veolia Foundation supports community-oriented, nonprofit projects contributing to sustainable development, in France and abroad. Its priority areas of action are humanitarian emergencies and development aid, employment and social links, and environmental conservation and biodiversity. The foundation also supplies emergency aid in the wake of natural disasters.

Since its creation, the foundation has supported more than 1,450 projects and carried out more than 200 skills volunteering missions.



The foundation provides emergency aid to ensure access to drinking water along with energy and waste management in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crises. It also promotes development projects for these vital services, which are part of Veolia's core expertise.





The foundation supports organizations that help people who are isolated from the job market to find work through assistance programs and training, fostering the transition to employment and combating exclusion. Since finding a long-term job is a priority objective, the foundation seeks to build “bridges” between jobseekers and the company's business activities.



The Foundation encourages initiatives to build public awareness and teach eco-responsible behavior. It also backs ambitious projects to further our understanding of and restore natural environments. 

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The foundation is unique in that every project it supports is accompanied by a sponsor who is a company employee, and because it provides the expertise of employee volunteers, through Veoliaforce, to emergency and development missions.



The Veolia Foundation makes Veolia's expertise and know-how available to the international humanitarian organizations that enlist its assistance in responding to natural disasters and promoting lasting improvements in the living conditions of the most disadvantaged people. It has established partnerships with a number of bodies, including the French Red Cross, MSF (Doctors Without Borders), Médecins du Monde, UNHCR...
The Veoliaforce action team has 400 volunteers who represent all of Veolia's core bursinesses (Water, Energy and Waste Management). It dispatches its experts and equipment to provide emergency humanitarian aid and restore safe sanitary conditions in response to natural disasters. Veoliaforce also contributes to development projects for essential services supported by the foundation around the world.

In the fall of 2017, the Veolia Foundation intervened in Saint Martin, in the French West Indies, after the devastating cyclone Irma. In the face of the emergency, the Foundation's mobilization was total, in particular to restore water production in the particular context of the first days after the disaster. A mobile desalination unit was sent from Spain and the Foundation's experts worked on water distribution to supply 12 fixed points connected to the general network and managed with the French Red Cross. At the same time, Veoliaforce volunteers have been rotating more and more in the field to strengthen local teams in the search for and repair of leaks in the pipes of the general network. Within a few weeks, water production and distribution gradually returned to normal in Saint Martin.

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In Myanmar, the Foundation intervened at the end of 2018 with its partner, the NGO Solidarités International. In Sittwe, violent clashes led to the displacement of some 140,000 people in 2012, the vast majority of them Rohingya, who still live in camps to this day. Solidarités International is in charge of providing drinking water and sanitation in the majority of the Sittwe and Paktaw camps. The Foundation intervened alongside the NGO to set up an analysis laboratory to improve the functioning of the sanitation station.
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In the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the Foundation has a major cholera control programme. For the past ten years, it has brought together many development actors around a concerted strategy for access to water.

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In Mozambique, in the spring of 2019, the Foundation intervened after the devastating passage of tropical cyclone Idai. Several thousand people lost their homes. At the request of the Quai d'Orsay, the Foundation carried out an emergency humanitarian mission with its partners Médecins Sans Frontières, the French Red Cross and Solidarités International.
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The expertise of the Veolia Foundation's engineers is expressed only in the following ways not just in humanitarian emergencies. In eastern Senegal, south of Tambacounda, a small village has benefited from a development programme to give its inhabitants access to quality drinking water. The operation consisted of organizing production from surface water from the Gambia River, treating the water and transporting it to a network of standpipes. The system could be duplicated throughout the region and allow a growing number of Senegalese to have easier access to quality water.
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Projects supported

  • Since 2009: Tara has been organizing expeditions to study and understand the impact of climate change on our oceans. The schooner travels the oceans and many scientists relay the discoveries ashore.
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  • Since 2014: Lulu on my street has inaugurated a new model of integration based on the use of local services. A tool for connecting people, this solidarity concierge service, embodied in urban kiosks, is a major success and enables people far from the world of work to return to a professional activity.
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  • Since 2014: The Virtual University Environment and Sustainable Development (Uved) produces Moocs on biodiversity, the causes and challenges of climate change, ecological engineering, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDOs). These training sessions, accessible from any connected medium, make it possible to raise awareness of environmental protection among a very large number of people.
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The Student Solidarity Prize rewards innovative projects initiated by higher education student associations in connection with the Foundation's main areas of action.
Every year since 2006, the Foundation has awarded an Environment Book Prize to support and promote writers and publishers who help build public awareness of the major challenges facing the planet. The jury meets twice a year: in May to select the shortlisted works and on the day of the awards ceremony to announce the winner.The jury meets twice a year: in May to select the "nominees" and in July to designate the winners.
The foundation supports non-profit community-oriented projects in France and around the world to prevent exclusion and protect the environment.