Our Solutions for Smarter Cities

Using its extensive return of experience in being a partner to cities for 160 years, Veolia can develop and deliver tailor made innovative services, using technologies as enablers, to support the achievement of the goals of city leaders in the Middle East.

Forward-looking solutions

Cities are facing numerous challenges such as water scarcity, aging infrastructure and the increasing cost of energy, while aiming at delivering a good level of public services, committing to sustainable development, and ensuring cities’ attractiveness. As a partner to cities, Veolia helps them address these challenges by providing innovative solutions, and supporting their transformation towards smart cities. 

Veolia accompanies cities of the Middle East in their smart development through a glo-cal network of companies and experts at three levels of integration

  • Smart operations
  • ​​Smart services
  • ​​Smart ecosystem.

Relying on its worldwide expertise in water, energy and waste management, Veolia utilizes cutting-edge technologies to bring utilities to the next level. Veolia’s approach combines an array of innovative offers and options to develop tailor-made solutions for each client. By integrating performance, data processing and analysis, and delivering sustainable solutions, Veolia contributes to the preservation of water and energy, the decrease of our carbon footprint, the delivery of new services to customers, and the enhancement of utilities' overall performance. 

More information on the different topics:

Making the most of water resources by leveraging data for action

For us, smart water services stand for improving water efficiency for the benefit of the city and its residents, using data and technologies as enablers, increasing efficiency of potable water networks and irrigation networks, to enhance the reuse of water, allow deferred investments in water production plants and optimization in pipe renewal, as well as preserve resources (energy and water) by improving leakage management and enabling demand response programs.

Smart Water Box 
  • Add value to data 
  • ​Invent new services
  • Enhance performance, reactivity and security

Potable water & recycled water networks

  • Leakage management
  • Smart metering and customer service
  • Network optimization
  • Quality monitoring

The ServO: a single control center implemented for SEDIF in France
Jeux de la Francophonie, Nice: The RAID and Veolia ensure security for the water supply network

Wastewater networks

  • Infiltration & exfiltration
  • Toxic gases
  • Trade effluent
  • Optimization

Environmental Resource Management Center

Energy savings should be measured in terms of solutions, not products. With this in mind, Veolia has developed a suite of customizable solutions, based on a three-step approach:
First, a comprehensive energy audit to determine the potential savings in the buildings and the baseline, then, the implementation of the actions, and finally, operating and maintaining the equipment as well as monitoring the results to ensure that the targets are achieved.

Find out how Enova enhances its Building Energy Efficiency Services with a Smart Energy management platform that guarantees energy savings: Press Release

Urban planning and modelling

With ForCity (a startup based in Lyon, France, dedicated to urban modeling), we have the capability to help key regional authorities to build a breakthrough decision-support tool for cities' urban planning based on their specific challenges, and fed with real data and systemic models of interactions and evolution.

This decision-support tool enables cities to optimize and explain strategic choices by simulating along the time the systemic links between technical silos, individual behavior and external trends, thus allowing the realistic comparison of different strategies through maps, 3D scenes, graphics and tables.

Going further towards resource optimization, Veolia is expert in reusing, recycling and leveraging value from water, such as producing bioplastics and fertilizers at waste water plants. 
Veolia provides solutions to enhance energy efficiency, and - in particular - has developed a large range of waste to energy solutions and energy recovery facilities to provide cities all around the world with a renewable source of energy.

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