Az Zour South, Kuwait

DESIGN, BUILD, OPERATE AND TRANSFER Reverse Osmosis desalination of sea water used for power plant cooling

Kuwait has to address a significant increase in power and water consumption to meet economic growth.
As there is low availability of natural fresh water and a real need to preserve fresh water reserves, re-using cooling water from power plants is one of the solutions to this challenging situation.

Through Reverse Osmosis (RO) desalination units located on the Arabian Gulf coast of Kuwait, soft water is produced from sea water previously used for the cooling of Az Zour South’s power station.
The final stage is a recarbonation unit designed by OTV SA comprising a carbon dioxide generation and dosing system, carbon dioxide absorption system and limestone dissolution filters to remineralize the product water to potable standards.
The product water of the RO is then mixed with the one from the already existing Az Zour South Desalination MSF facilities.

Due to the re-use of cooling water from a power plant, a complete intake facilities is not necessary. Only a pit and a pumping station are needed.

2nd RO plant in Kuwait:

136,600 m3/day

15 to 40°C

inlet water temperature


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