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2016 First Half Results: Continued strong results growth

2016 First Half Results : Continued strong results growth (241.6 KB)

Q2: acceleration of revenue growth and improved margins

2016 objectives confirmed:
- Revenue of €11,956m: -1.0% at constant exchange rates – trend improvement: +0.1% in Q2 following -2.1% in Q1
- EBITDA improved 5.6% at constant exchange rates to €1,580m (+6.9% in Q2 vs. +4.4% in Q1) due to significant cost savings (€121m).
- Current EBIT grew 8.2% at constant exchange rates to €750m Current net income increased 6.4% (+10.1% at constant exchange rates) to €342m.
- Restructuring charges of €95 million drove published net income-group share of €251 million Net financial debt amounted to €8,678m, down €545m vs. June 2015 (down €199m excluding exchange rate movements)

The group continues to refocus: Transdev divestment project with the Caisse des Dépôts