WIL program: coaching for women to promote gender equality in the workplace

Increasing the proportion of women in technical, engineering and scientific activities and of women managers is a key issue for Veolia, reflecting its determination to promote gender equality throughout the company. 

In 2014, Veolia North America launched the Women in Leadership (WIL) program. Over 30 women employees took part in the nine-month program tackling a range of issues relating to their career development: work-life balance, communication and self-confidence, efficiency in the workplace and international mobility.

The following year, WIL traveled to the UK and Ireland where it met with great success: three times more women were promoted after taking part in sessions held from 2014 to 2016. These results illustrate Veolia's overall progress in improving gender balance, with the percentage of women recruited rising by 33% in 2017. Also in 2017, the proportion of women employed by Veolia reached 20.7% (35,000 women), up by 10% on the previous year. Since spring 2018, WIL has been rolled out in Europe as well as Africa and the Middle East, with Latin America scheduled next.

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