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Make yourself known!

Whether you're looking at an existing vacancy or want to prove your motivation,
this step allows you to make your skills and experience known

Find the job that’s right for you

Match your skills and interests with the Veolia businesses that interest you

Be explicit

Be specific in your CV, describe the projects you have been involved in and your successes. If you have recently graduated, include any extracurricular experience.

Method of analysis and selection of applications

Your skills help us determine the most appropriate role and evolution for your profile.
If no current offers match, we will let you know and keep your CV so that we can contact you as soon as a role becomes available.
If we have a suitable role, we will contact you to start the meetings stage

6 days

is the average time for this stage

1 email

confirming receipt

1 email

to inform you of the result of this stage

Our job offers

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We are recruiting various profiles in different fields:
IT engineers, frontline positions…