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Welcome to Veolia

When you join Veolia, you are joining a unique company, driven by the talents of its many employees. Feel comfortable straightaway.

Finalizing your dossier

Together we tackle the procedures related to your arrival in the company

Processes for everyone’s well-being

The methods in employees’ day-to-day work ensure the progress of the missions while respecting everyone. We will present them to you.

Get prepared

In the "welcome pack" we will send you, you will find a description of your first day, as well as the list of documents you will need to provide. It is also the opportunity to deal with any questions you may have or points that need confirmation.

Integrating new employees

This is one of the performance indicators we look at every year



We are always listening to you in order help you integrate

Your tools

To make your life easier, we put a number of services at your disposal

Our job offers

are now available on...

We are recruiting various profiles in different fields:
IT engineers, frontline positions…