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We listen

This stage consists of between 1 and 4 interviews depending on the nature of the role concerned and its responsibilities. An HR expert, future manager, and future colleague look at your profile and evaluate whether it is a match for the need


The questions we ask you are classic ones, so prepare your answers now

Illustrate your answers

Get your interlocutor involved in your story by giving examples and concrete cases, they will help you convey your enthusiasm

Method of analysis and selection of applications

Each interview addresses key areas of the role (knowledge, behavior, desires, etc.).
We bring together all the experts concerned to look at your answers and recommend the most appropriate next step for you

45 minutes

The ideal length of an interview


Be yourself

Adopt an attitude and approach that reflects who you are


Ask questions

They demonstrate your interest and your ability to express yourself


Our job offers

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We are recruiting various profiles in different fields:
IT engineers, frontline positions…