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Digital service offers from Nova Veolia

Nova Veolia develops solutions for regions, helping them define and deploy strategies for smart services to make towns and cities inclusive and resilient, places where people want to live. 

By investing in an ecosystem of digital businesses, Veolia supports and promotes the transformation of city services, taking account of their specific features to co-create individual visions of what a smart, inclusive and pleasant city should be.
One example is smart water meters from Birdz. Used in over 3,000 towns and cities, these alert consumers if there is a leak or risk of freezing. A pioneer in remote water metering, Birdz uses its unique expertise to help support smart cities in optimizing and managing public utilities, which in turn helps to protect resources. A leading French player in the Internet of Things, Birdz provides a broad range of utility management solutions that play a part in enhancing the quality of the urban environment: water, energy, waste, temperature, air quality, air and noise pollution, etc. 

In the 18 years since it was formed, Birdz has deployed close to 3 million smart meters, daily collecting and analyzing massive data sets.

The solutions deliver more precisely targeted and efficient responses to users’ requests and contribute to people’s wellbeing. They also create value across the territories where they are used, further strengthening local attractiveness.
The emergence of new technologies in towns and cities is also an opportunity to offer differentiated services to suit each individual resident’s needs. Fastoche is an app created by Payboost that informs users about any social security payments they may be entitled to and calculates how much money they have to live on. HomeFriend gives people the opportunity to track their water consumption in real time and compare it with similar households.

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