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HUBGRADE, the monitoring center for Veolia’s business lines

Hubgrades are smart management centers for Veolia’s water, energy and waste business lines. The centers allow our teams to monitor and use real-time data to optimize management of resources of their municipal, commercial and industrial clients.

Hubgrades work primarily in three areas – organization, digital systems and smart services – to deliver the highest levels of service. Every Hubgrade is tailored to suit its specialty: municipal water network, waste collection and processing, buildings, heating and cooling networks, industrial installations, etc. Each specialist Hubgrade can have another one added. For example, a Hubgrade managing the municipal water network can be expanded to manage heating networks and industrial sites or buildings.

In 2018 Veolia had over 20 Hubgrade centers in operation for office and commercial clients. Locations included Paris and Marseille (France), Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona (Spain), Milan (Italy), Budapest (Hungary), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Brussels (Belgium), Stockholm (Sweden), Birmingham (United Kingdom), Dublin (Ireland), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Shanghai (China) and Sydney (Australia). Setting up these centers enables Veolia to transfer data from its activities and millions of sensors to its teams responsible for optimizing flows in cities, buildings and industrial sites. These centers deliver synergies between Veolia’s activities and improve the operational performance of our municipal and industrial clients. 

Hubgrades allow Veolia to measure progress and accelerate research into its clients’ performance by reducing operating costs and limiting the pressure on resources while maintaining service levels delivered to users. This is a solution that contributes to the sustainable development of territories.