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In what way does Veolia consider working with specific population groups such as Aboriginal peoples to be beneficial?

Veolia is a business that is profoundly shaped by its activities’ local roots. We engage in dialogue and collaboration with local communities and actors. This deep attachment to local ties is a chance for Veolia to listen to what people want, establish lasting local relationships and jointly create innovative solutions that align with local people’s expectations.

We employ a range of different methods to establish dialogue and collaboration with local people, including partnerships with nonprofits, skills-based sponsorship and support for local entrepreneurs.

An example is the North West Waste Alliance joint venture, which was created in 2016 as a partnership between Veolia and Our Country, a 100% aborigine-owned company, to provide waste recycling and energy efficiency services. The partnership focuses on creating local jobs and working with local contractors. It is rooted in a desire to combine native and western knowledge to create value for everybody involved.