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A joint venture between Veolia and Our Country

Initiatives run by Veolia with the aboriginal community in Australia are part of an extensive national program, the Reconciliation Action Plan. Since 2014 the program has worked to bolster actions to improve the employment prospects and social integration of aboriginal people. 

The North West Waste Alliance – a joint venture resulting from a 2016 partnership between Veolia and Our Country, a 100% aborigine-owned company – is just one example of Veolia’s commitment to native peoples. 

North West Waste offers environmentally responsible waste management solutions alongside a suite of other industrial services. It operates in Pilbara, a region in the northwest of the state of Western Australia. This is a part of Australia that is home to major oil, gas and mining activities. With a harsh climate, it is sparsely populated and great distances separate waste-producing sites. The partnership focuses on creating local jobs and working with local contractors. 
North West Waste Alliance has become the largest waste management company in the Pilbara region. It delivers major cost savings to its clients and plays a role in ensuring the sustainable development of Pilbara region. 

North West Alliance (NWA)