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VIA by Veolia, the Group’s Open Innovation program

Launched in 2010, the Veolia Open Innovation program leverages the Group’s innovation capabilities by sign-posting and simplifying access to emerging innovations developed outside the Group. The program uses the full range of open innovation practices. 

Whether aiming to improve operational performance or offer new services to our clients, the purpose of VIA (Veolia Innovation Accelerator) by Veolia is to identify, select and approve the best innovations from emerging players in the ecosystem of innovative startups and SMEs. VIA is a shared service available to every Veolia entity. It combines the know-how of the Open Innovation team with the expertise of our research teams. The program, which was extensively redesigned in 2017, is based on a highly robust process: 

  • identification of emerging innovative solutions in startups and SMEs
  • shortlisting and benchmarking the innovative solutions identified
  • approval, and testing in laboratories or onsite
  • managing relationships with emerging actors to ensure the establishment of win-win relationships.

Our teams source around 40 projects every year. Around 20% of projects sourced are finally approved. 

Veolia innovates to meet the challenges