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125 experts to put an end to the dangers of using chemical products

A team has been set up in the USA and Canada to manage all aspects of handling reactive chemicals. Comprising some 125 experts in hazardous chemical products, the team’s mission is to improve training among customer service teams and technicians. Their main aim is to identify the concerns and questions to take into account when faced with a project that involves reactive chemical products and management of related waste. There is also an online training module available to boost awareness among colleagues, customers and suppliers. The topics addressed by the training program are chosen and developed to reflect needs highlighted directly by Veolia’s employee team and by its customers. Professionals who receive training as part of this program can constantly update their knowledge of the chemical products they are likely to come across and how to act to avoid the risk of an accident. 

The low accident rates in recent years at sites that benefit from this type of program underline the effectiveness of risk-management training offered to staff and other stakeholders.