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In Ecuador, safety is the Number 1 priority


Safety takes top priority! This commitment made in 2016 by Interagua, a Veolia subsidiary in Ecuador, is already delivering great results. The company has seen the number of accidents fall by 57% compared to 2015. A success made possible by a novel campaign called How do you want to see yourself?

After an internal survey looking at workplace accidents and the workplace cleanliness culture, the communication and safety departments worked hand in hand for a year to make employees aware of risks and increase their use of personal safety equipment, leading in turn to safer workplaces. 

The awareness-raising campaign provided employees with a range of tools to help them measure the real-life impact of their behavior on safety. They were given a comic book showing a fictional character with little time for safety rules, a visiting group of actors gave performances to illustrate the correct way to behave, and posters depicting key safety rules were displayed on workers’ lockers. Video screens carefully placed at strategic locations also reminded employees of the importance of safety when working both inside and outside the company.

98% of staff declared the campaign helped them to become more aware of potential dangers on a day-to-day basis.