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I See I Act: an initiative to embed health and safety in corporate culture

Developed by Veolia in China, I See I Act aims to make respect for workplace health and safety practices part and parcel of corporate culture via the individual daily commitment of all its employees. 

I See I Act is a system designed to encourage staff to report unsafe behaviors or conditions, and suggest suitable corrective actions. All the suggestions are collated and tracked by a computer system until the identified problem is resolved. It is then up to managers to make sure that the necessary corrective steps are put in place. This tracking process is also used to regularly communicate with employees about health and safety improvements at their sites. A broad range of communications tools have been developed (logos, campaigns, t-shirts, etc.) and are used extensively by the management team in each region where the program runs. Staff engagement is bolstered by a monthly prize awarded to the most innovative idea for combatting workplace safety and health risks. 
This initiative has demonstrated very positive results, contributing to its adoption at an ever-growing number of sites. Factors driving the program’s success are: strong management commitment, effective communication about the processes and measures put in place, benchmarking all suggestions, and a system to reward the best suggestions that are rolled out.