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As a provider, how does Veolia get the best out of the partnership with our group, Shell, in order to achieve our common goal of zero accidents suffered by workers, the environment or local communities?


Veolia has been a provider for Shell. We very rapidly saw that we shared the same values, the same references, the same principles and commitments, but above all a simple yet highly ambitious goal: Zero accidents. 
The "safety cultures” within our companies and the structures underpinning them are very similar. This is what enables us to put a win-win relationship in place. Both our companies have each developed a comprehensive accident prevention, health and safety method. They are both constantly enriching one another. 

Specifically, this health and safety partnership dynamic is maintained through very regular discussions and updates. Not only weekly updates, but also and above all on-going and immediate sharing of information about any incident that occurs. Germane experience is also shared by all in both companies and this forms the heart of the partnership relationship between the Veolia and Shell teams.  

Today, all the conditions are in place to achieve the objective.