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What should the nature of relations between temporary employment agencies and host companies be where accident prevention, health and safety are concerned?


Veolia's relations with temporary employment agencies, as with any supplier or subcontractor, are governed by shared and reciprocal obligations. These obligations set up a very close, partnership type, relationship to enable implementation of any and all accident prevention, health and safety measures required to protect the physical integrity of every person who works on Veolia's premises.

All provisions are explained and formally set down in a reception document, prepared jointly by Veolia and the temporary employment provider. Each person, when they arrive on a site, receives training explaining accident prevention measures for each type of intervention they may have to perform, but also the context and specifics of the location, traffic areas, site rules, incident and near-accident reporting procedures, and all information required pertaining to individual and collective accident prevention.

As part of any temporary or subcontracting contract, Veolia keeps track of the frequency rate of accidents with work stoppages. The results are shared with the subcontractor twice a year, along with an assessment of how the improvement action plan has been implemented. 

Finally, for the last 5 years, Veolia has associated its partners to the International Health and Safety Week, organised on Group sites worldwide. This week is an opportunity for everyone to share their respective expertise.