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In your view, what are the advantages of getting workers families involved in the Group’s international health and safety weeks?


Veolia has been organising an international health and safety week since 2015 to consolidate our occupational health and safety culture. Actions are organized locally, site by site, based on a theme shared by all. The 2019 week has the theme "Working Together in Health and Safety". This H&S highlight enables each of our 170,000 employees, regardless of the country, area or department to which they belong, to acquire a thorough knowledge and solid grasp of risk prevention standards. 

Greater awareness is fostered through numerous communication tools made available to all (posters, videos, roadmaps, deployment guide). Goal: reduce or eliminate high risk behaviour. Through the international mobilisation it generates every year, this week puts the spotlight on those working in the field all over the world and enables over one hundred actions on the health and safety theme to be rolled out. Feedback from these actions is then shared with the Group's entities all over the world. The international health and safety week is an important lever to help take up the global challenge “objective: zero accident”.

Since 2017, employees’ families are involved in this week, meaning they are invited to come to the sites and participate in the numerous workshops, conferences, games and meetings organised. Veolia has chosen this direction for two major reasons: 

  • to embody its social and societal values by expanding the sharing of its accident prevention, health and safety expertise far beyond the inner circle of its employees, by making employees’ families more informed and more competent to protect against domestic accidents, road accidents, etc.; 
  • to use the children lever, a particularly effective means of getting accident prevention messages through to their parents. Working is indeed the means to enable everyone to provide for their children, without having to take the risk of not getting home in one piece.