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Socias Gestoras program in Mexico

In Mexico, the Aguascalientes water company (CAASA), a Veolia subsidiary, launched a program known as Socias Gestoras. Under this initiative, CAASA hires single mothers to deliver mediation and debt recovery in the local community. The women, who come from the same community, make home visits to users experiencing payment difficulties, letting them know about help that is available and suggesting practical solutions such as discounts, staged payments or other specific forms of help. This mechanism has replaced traditional debt recovery with an activity where women become facilitators for the company, creating a closer relationship with users. Socias Gestoras aligns with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by helping to ensure access to essential services and contributing to local development by helping advance the social status of vulnerable women. The women are involved in an activity that gives them responsibility and an income. The program is delivered in collaboration with Civile Tlanemani, a local nonprofit.