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Using the ACCESS process to provide access for all to quality services

Veolia provides drinking water for 95 million people worldwide, sanitation services for almost 63 million people, and waste collection services for 43 million people.

We have developed ACCESS, a range of solutions adapted to specific local conditions, making it easier for everybody to enjoy access to quality services. ACCESS is a customer relations process that can be applied to all Veolia’s business lines. It incorporates technical, financial and legal innovations as well as new ideas for marketing and communication.

ACCESS has 10 levers grouped into three types of engineering:

  • technical engineering: supply more people from the same resource using the same infrastructure, and offer new forms of supply
  • financial and institutional engineering: apply socially acceptable price policies, multiply individual subsidized connections, develop new models for research and social innovation, look for innovative sources of finance and approach lenders
  • customer relationship engineering: develop local customer services and mediation solutions, promote proper use of these to maximize the benefits, assess impacts on quality of life, develop partnerships and co-create new solutions.