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Supporting the development and commitment of employees

Veolia is a working community where each employee can find meaning in his or her activity, a commitment to a rewarding collective approach and personal fulfilment.

Because the mobilization of employees is an asset and a strength, Veolia has made the development of skills and career paths a priority, as well as the recognition of employees and their performance while respecting their diversity. The company relies on their responsibility and autonomy at all levels and in all countries, and promotes professional equality between men and women.

The priority objectives of the Group human resources performance are: 

These priority objectives contribute to 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN:





femme qui porte tenue Veolia

Gender diversity and professional equality between women and men are issues of attractiveness, performance, credibility and equity for any company, whether it is a small company or a member of the CAC 40.

This is why Veolia has been committed for several years to developing gender diversity in its business lines and increasing the number of women in governance and management bodies.


  1. Encourage the recruitment of women through an ambitious Group policy: recruitment process, young talent policy, recruitment of female managers to the various company bodies.
  2. Strengthening the mechanisms for identifying high-potential profiles and integrating them into annual succession plans.
  3. The development of programmes to promote the professional development of women within the Group through mentoring, for example, directly involving members of the Veolia Executive Committee.
  4. Raising the awareness of the Group's employees to the challenges of gender equality, in particular through the deployment of specific training modules.
  5. The creation and reinforcement of "gender" networks to accompany and support the implementation of action plans associated with the Group's "gender" multifaceted performance objective.


Proportion of women appointed among the Group's top 500 executives, from 2020 to 2023

Target 2023
≥ 50 %

Why was this indicator chosen?

The increase in gender diversity in the Group's management bodies will be the result of the increase in gender diversity at all levels of the organisation.

30,3 % 
of women appointed to the Top 500 of the Group's senior managers (30,4% in 2021)


Accelerate the feminisation of the Group with the WEDO global network

Veolia’s in-house network dedicated to gender balance, launched in 2016 and sponsored by the members of the executive committee, gathers almost 3,000 employees from 48 countries which want to promote gender balance within the Group.

photo femmes qui portent des casques

Promoting gender issues in companies with "YES WEDO Week”

On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, Veolia launched its first gender equality week YES WEDO from 8 to 12 March 2021. On this occasion, almost 80 events were organised in 25 countries around the issues of gender diversity in the company: round tables, conferences, workshops, meetings, awareness-raising events. In 2022, the "YES WEDO Week" was held from 7 to 11 March.

femmes qui portent des casques

"Women In Leadership", coaching for women to promote gender equality in business

"Women In Leadership” initiated by Veolia in North America, has been progressively deployed in other geographical areas: Europe, Africa, Latin America, Asia/Oceania and the Middle East. This eleven-month coaching programme aims to create development opportunities for women managers in the organisation.

femmes qui portent tenue veolia





femme qui monte les escaliers

Veolia has made the development of skills and career paths a priority, as well as the recognition of its employees and their performance while respecting their diversity.

In concrete terms, this means anticipating and supporting all employees in the development of their skills in the context of the strategic transformation of the Group, its businesses and its expertise.

The Group has thus adopted an ambitious training and human resources development policy. This policy is based on three objectives:

  • develop and adapt skills in all professions;
  • support the performance and commercial development of the Group;
  • contribute to the development of the corporate culture.


  1. Support the dissemination of the Group's culture, in particular the purpose and multifaceted performance for all.
  2. Strengthen the Group's culture on the fundamentals of the "non-negotiable" and the challenges of ecological transformation.
  3. Supporting and preparing the talents and skills of tomorrow.
  4. Make the skills of Veolia employees, at all levels of the organization, a lever of competitive advantage and added value for the Group's customers.
  5. Digitalising and developing the most innovative methods of skills acquisition.


Average number of training hours per employee

2019 reference
18hours of training per employee

Target 2023
23hours of training per employee

Why was this indicator chosen?

This indicator provides a view of the trajectories of the training effort within the entire Veolia Group, through its historical monitoring within the Key Relevant Annual Benchmarking Indicator (KRABI) HR and its robustness (indicator audited for many years by KPMG).

26 heuresof training on average per employee (21 hours in 2021, in a context of pandemic)


Virtual reality, an innovative tool for training

In 2020, Poland has chosen to integrate virtual reality into its training programmes. This innovative tool has especially enabled to make training modules more attractive to employees an improvement in skills and their adaptation to the new technologies deployed within the Group.

La réalité virtuelle

La Fortaleza, a model training centre in Latin America for prevention

Since 2016, the La Fortaleza training centre, located at the Sede Progreso site in Ecuador, has been providing training to all employees exposed to high risk, whether they are managers or operators. Its facilities allow the trainees to be put in an almost real situation for making them aware of the risks and protecting themselves by acquiring the right reflexes in situ.

La Fortaleza

An ambitious project for a School for Ecological Transformation

In 2021, Veolia committed to federating a group of partners (companies, local authorities, public players, employment and training players, trade union and employee representatives) to create a School of Ecological Transformation, with two objectives:

  • Promote the highest impact ecological transformation solutions and assessment tools that are most relevant to global limits and sustainable development;
  • Train in the skills and professions of ecological transformation, at all levels of qualification, and targeting in particular people who are far from employment or in retraining.
RSE  Un projet ambitieux d'École de la Transformation écologique En 2021





homme au bord d'un lac portant une tenue Veolia

In a changing world, the long-term performance of companies depends on their ability to transform and challenge the status quo. The commitment of their teams is at the heart of this dynamic.

Veolia is both a technology- and labour-intensive company, representing a working community of over 220,000 employees, many of whom are operators and technicians, providing essential services for its customers, the territories in which it operates and the society.

It is through sharing a collective project at the heart of its purpose, that of contributing to human progress to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, that the Group will be able to ensure its ability to transform itself and provide solutions to the environmental and societal challenges of today's world.


  1. Strengthen and enhance innovation in HR processes and in the dialogue with the Group's employees, enabling quality and continuity of interactions.
  2. To support managers in the implementation of new leadership and involvement tools within their teams, as part of a continuous improvement process.
  3. Ensure that the experience of Veolia employees is always consistent with the Group's purpose and its brand signature "Resourcing the World".
  4. Correlate the expectations and perceptions of Veolia employees (collected via the Voice of Resourcers commitment survey) with the Group's priority actions to encourage team commitment.


The commitment rate of our staff, measured by an independent survey

2020 reference
87 %

Target 2023
≥ 80 %

Why was this indicator chosen? 

The Voice of Resourcers* commitment survey is an anonymous employee satisfaction survey conducted in partnership with Ipsos. In 2021, it will reach a panel of over 100,000 Veolia employees worldwide.
This survey enables Veolia to identify initiatives, at all levels of the Group, to further encourage employee commitment.

89 %of employee commitment, measured by an independent survey (87% in 2021)


Protect the environment: Veolia employees showcase their commitments in photo

At Veolia's initiative, a photo contest was organized for World Environment Day on 5 June 2020 to invite Veolia employees to share their best photos of nature, illustrating the Group's solutions for protecting it.

Protéger l’environnement

Resourcers for Communities, the commitment of Veolia employees to the territories

"Resourcers for Communities", initiated by Veolia, is a civic engagement scheme offered to Group employees who wish to get involved with local players (associations, start-ups, small businesses, etc.) by sharing their expertise and know-how.

resssourceur veolia

Talent APP: an innovative digital application for skills management

The Talent App was launched in January 2021. It aims to use artificial intelligence to accelerate the development of mobility and cooperation within the Group.

application innovante







homme qui porte un uniforme de travail

Occupational risk prevention, occupational health and safety are fundamental values within Veolia.

In order to protect the health and safety of each employee in a sustainable manner, Veolia has based its policy on the guiding principles of the International Labour Organization, with the involvement of the trade union and employee representatives. As such, the Group signed the Seoul Declaration at the International Labour Organization headquarters in Geneva on 1 July 2013.

Aware of its responsibility to its employees and partners, the Group is committed to health and safety in all its actions, developing a culture of prevention at all levels.


  1. Maintain constant vigilance with regard to risk management and Veolia's compliance with rules and standards in all its activities.
  2. Maintain and strengthen Veolia's health and safety prevention culture, as part of a continuous improvement process.
  3. Identify, analyse and share best practices and proactively develop the Group's standards, in coordination with the members of the Executive Committee.
  4. Develop research and innovation in prevention, health and safety.
  5. Maintain and develop the skills of health and safety managers and employees.
  6. Apply the requirements of the management standards for high-risk activities, which complement local regulations and also apply to Veolia's subcontractors.
  7. Conduct regular safety visits and audits to help each business unit identify its strengths and areas for improvement.


Frequency rate of lost time injuries

2019 reference

Target 2023

Why was this indicator chosen?

The traditional indicator, the Frequency Rate, is a result indicator. The study of the evolution of this rate makes it possible to evaluate, in the long term, the effectiveness of the health and safety strategy.

5,6frequency rate of lost time injuries (6,6 in 2021)


Strengthen the Group's occupational health and safety culture

Veolia has organised an International Health and Safety Week each year since 2015 in order to deeply anchor health and safety at work in the corporate culture.
The 2021 edition took place in a specific context linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. Identifying lessons learned from crisis management and the adaptations made provide valuable examples to better anticipate risks and promote good practice.

RSE Renforcer la culture santé et sécurité au travail

A major risk hunt

As part of the nternational Health and Safety Week in 2021, an internal photos and videos competition was organised at all Veolia sites to identify fall risks hese photos and videos have been catalogued and made available on an online platform called "Best Health and Safety Practices" of the Group.

RSE Une chasse aux risques grandeurs nature

The PaTHS programme, a global solution for the management of accidental events

The PaTHS programme (Prevention & Training on Health & Safety), currently being deployed, includes a collaborative tool destined for all the occupational health and safety interested parties of the Group.

RSE Le programme PaTHS