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Breaking down cross-functional and cross-cultural barriers with Campus: two initiatives for the price of one!

What happens when two international training programs, each dedicated to a specific geographic zone, are combined? Campus Veolia found the answer to this question with its initiative involving STREAM (Study & Training Expedition for Asian Managers) and NEST (Northern Europe Study & Training).

These two international training programs center on upskilling managers and identifying highflyers. 

In 2015, a number of clients expressed a need to bolster collaborative working and share good practices. What was needed was to overcome silo mentalities between business lines, as well as break down intercultural and interprofessional boundaries. 

Campus Veolia came up with the idea of combining these two training programs as a way of bringing together people from Asia and northern Europe. In September 2016, a seminar was held to facilitate discussions with top management from Veolia in a formal setting, backed up by plenty of opportunities for people to find out more about other people’s culture. Bringing people from these two zones together encouraged them to get inspired by each other’s experiences, provided better insights into their respective activities, and took inter-regional networking to a new level. Both regional directors welcomed this initiative with open arms, strongly encouraging Campus Veolia to repeat the experience. And so a second event was organized in 2018.