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Innovation Map: using innovation to get employees involved in the transformation process The Innovation Map by Veolia Italy (Siram)

Give each employee the chance to be an agent of change: this is the challenge that Siram, an Italian Veolia entity, has set itself. And to meet the challenge, it has created a platform for its 3,000 employees where they can express and share their ideas, involving them closely in the process of change. 

At the heart of this initiative is an innovative system. Innovation Map consists of a game, an e-learning platform and a social media network where people can log their ideas. The platform takes a playful approach, inviting each participant to find the codes that provide access to the first video. An e-learning module then gives employees an overview of Siram's strategic vision of innovation. Two interactive videos describe the methods and tools used to foster innovation and creative thinking, drawing on concrete examples, film scenes and a quiz. In the final stage, employees are invited to submit an innovative idea. The primary goal was to compile suggestions ready for implementation as well as measure employee motivation and engagement in terms of innovation and revitalization of the company. 

Ten themes emerged and have been explored since 2017. Building on this success, Siram has moved onto the next phase: creating an inhouse incubator, Siram [email protected], to turn the ideas into concrete innovative projects. 

Innovation Map won the 2017 “HR, operational performance and business development" category of the Social Initiative Awards.