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Maintain the rate of engagement among managers at over 80% between now and 2020

This is the target Veolia has set itself as part of its CSR policy. As part of this process, our third manager engagement survey was organized in March 2017, questioning a panel of 5,000 managers. The survey measured managers' perception and understanding of Group strategy and its implementation. It provided valuable insights into the strengths of Veolia's managerial policy as well as areas for improvement. The 2017 survey also gave us the opportunity to analyze shifting trends in participants' answers.

The 78% participation rate in 2017 was up one point on 2015. The engagement score, calculated using responses to questions about fulfillment at work, the desire to excel, confidence in Veolia's ability to meet its targets and pride in working for Veolia, remained at a very high level: 86%. 

Analysis of the results of the 2017 survey highlighted the relevance of the action plan Veolia drew up in 2015. Created to align with Veolia’s strategic plan, it centers on four priority areas: 

  • foster innovation and business momentum with our clients 
  • maintain profitability as a priority and continue to improve operational performance 
  • focus on cooperation to consolidate the new Veolia 
  • nurture and develop our people, drivers for the Group’s performance.