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Management Skill Training Program (MSTP) in Pudong, Shanghai

In 2016, Veolia Water's HR and sales teams, based in Shanghai's Pudong district, decided to tackle the challenge of developing technical and managerial skills in the company with an innovative training program: the Management Skill Training Program (MSTP). Since then, the program has produced measurable short-, medium- and long-term benefits. The teams designed and implemented workshops for identifying and developing the skills of the company's youngest employees. In all, 64 young people took part in the workshops in groups as well as in various case studies and two consecutive training days. Each participant's development was assessed every two months using the 360° method. Six months after the program's launch, each group presented a research project to a jury. The best groups were chosen, and their members then benefited from training in key positions at the company. Over the 2016-2018 period, 18 young people were promoted to managerial positions thanks to the program. 

Although MSTP was based on the STREAM international training program implemented by the Group to promote interactions between managers in Asia and Europe, it was adapted to reflect the company's and employees’ specific needs. Over the long term, MSTP has served to better identify highflyers within the company, develop the potential of each of them, and encourage personal and professional fulfilment, particularly among the youngest employees.