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Veolia acts to help young people along the path to employability

In July 2018, Veolia committed to funding ANAF, France’s national apprenticeship association, for one year. The partnership's goal is to provide young people with support in planning their career, help them to firm up their choice of profession, and encourage them so they stay motivated throughout training in order to cut down the drop-out rate. Veolia's longer-term goal is to encourage recognition of work-study training programs and provide support for the apprentices who are part of the network of Veolia Campuses, which train several hundred apprentices in the Group's business activities every year.

Veolia is sponsoring the Filme ton job challenge that asks apprentices to share their experiences in the form of videos. Campus Veolia also gives apprentices the chance to take part in the Rights, Duties and Attitude training modules as well as a week discovering Veolia's business lines as part of their work-study program. Open Days are organized to put apprentices in contact with potential recruiters. 

To ensure these initiatives have a future, Campus Veolia works to promote take-up of the support program throughout the Paris region and expand the network of partners and thus the sourcing of apprentices.

By supporting these training options, the partnership between ANAF and Veolia is giving a helping hand to the 650 apprentices trained at the Veolia Campuses as they prepare for a career in the water and environment sectors. The Campuses 2018 published results show that the apprentices have a very high success rate.