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Veolia partners the GAN France apprenticeship network

Launched in September 2017, GAN (Global Apprenticeship Network) France is a coalition of companies taking action to support youth employment and promote apprenticeships with the backing of the OECD and ILO. Veolia is a partner company in the network.

According to ILO reports, the unemployment rate for young people is on average 2.9 times higher than other categories. In France, the unemployment rate for the under-25s stands at 23.7% (Eurostat, March 2017). The principle of apprenticeships, based on matching up training courses, skills and market needs, is one of the keys to success for youth employment. 

Veolia has been promoting the apprenticeship and work-study approach for over 20 years, providing young people who have not been able to train with the opportunity to acquire the qualifications they need. At Veolia, more than 70% of people are recruited through apprenticeships. In France, Veolia welcomes 1,300 work-study students from CAP vocational aptitude certificates to Master’s levels.

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