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What mechanisms does Veolia use to deliver its training strategy?


Veolia provides training to all categories of employee from the moment they join and at every stage of their career. Our training is designed to nurture and adapt skill sets to meet the needs of our constantly changing activities. As the originator of many environmental services professions, we have always focused on formalized training that delivers certifications and qualifications as well as fostering staff mobility and career development. 

Our training division implements its policy via our network of campuses. Our campuses are located at the heart of the regions where we operate, working with public bodies and education providers to design training content that meets the Group’s needs for ever greater professionalization. The 14 Veolia campuses are located in nine countries and cover two-thirds of the territories where Veolia operates. Campuses have strong local roots, generating value that is shared by all stakeholders. For example, Veolia develops training centers that offer apprenticeships, vocational bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees. Veolia has recently been closely involved in setting up technical colleges that will underpin the growth of our activities and skills development, including in Armenia and Argentina. We have also begun the process of setting up initial training in Morocco, in partnership with the Moroccan Ministry of Education.

Work-study programs are one of the bedrocks of a recruitment policy that aims to bring young people into lasting employment, particularly in France, the United Kingdom and Germany. This form of initial training ensures that knowledge and key skills are passed on, as well as creating a rewarding mix of ages in teams thanks to a network of tutors and supervising teachers.
In 2018, Veolia provided three million hours of training to its employees, with 77% of staff completing at least one training course.