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“GREEN MIRROR”, the new podcast from Veolia and Slate

Heat spikes, plastic pollution, water shortages, natural disasters... What will the world look like in 2050, and what can we do to address climate change? In partnership with online news magazine, Veolia is producing a 10-episode podcast to examine issues related to the ecological transformation. The four-month series, dubbed “GREEN MIRROR”, will be available in French on all listening and download platforms and in English on Slate's YouTube account starting on 11 January.


A mixture of reality and forecasts from top scientific institutions, “GREEN MIRROR” invites its listeners to “look at the reflection” of what the world might be like in 30 years if nothing is done, using a fictional story from a reporter sent to the future. Then, featuring testimonials from experts from inside and outside Veolia, the series also discusses current and future solutions for collective action in order to mitigate or adapt to these challenges.

What can we do to cool down cities, recycle plastics and rare metals or protect biodiversity?

Listen now to the first episode of the series on heat spikes, then stop by on 25 January for our second episode on plastic oceans.

Episode 1: 2050, 50 °C in Paris, with Hervé Le Treut, a climatologist and member of the Académie des Sciences, and Jean-Christophe Taret, Senior VP, Strategy at Veolia.


We are very happy to support Veolia in its approach to inform and engage. This ground-breaking series will allow us to highlight environmental issues that impact all of us, said Nicolas Valverde, VP, Slate Studio.


Five years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, the issue of climate change has never been more pressing. Things have begun to shift, but not by enough. Veolia, a leading company in the ecological transformation, participates in raising citizens’ awareness.. The consequences of inaction are now well documented, and we want to bring them to a wider audience. But there are also a number of solutions for overcoming this challenge, and with Slate and Green Mirror, we want to share them with our listeners. Because nothing is set in stone, Jean-Christophe Taret, Senior VP, Strategy at Veolia.