Local decarbonizing energy

Producing local decarbonizing energy. This is the commitment we make to our municipal and industrial customers around the world.
Local decarbonizing energy

Through our expertise, we are asserting ourselves as the perfect missing link, capable of offering energy from sources that were previously little or not exploited, such as sewage sludge, biogas, waste heat and cooling, wherever possible and locally available, in the territories and on all the sites we operate.

With more than 170 years of expertise in water and waste management, and unique know-how in energy production, distribution and consumption, we deploy solutions to optimize and secure our customers' energy mix, while accelerating the production and consumption of renewable, local and low-carbon energies. Our aim? Accelerate the production of low-carbon energy and ensure the energy efficiency of our customers' facilities for a low-carbon, sustainable and desirable world. 

Veolia is:

  • Leader in low-carbon energy production 
  • No. 2 in district heating and cooling networks in Europe
  • Electricity producer 
  • A goal of energy neutrality for its services in France by 2027

Veolia’s energy in figures:

  • 10.5 billion in sales by 2022
  • 84% in Europe, 16% in the rest of the world
  • 56% in heating and cooling networks, 33% in energy efficiency for buildings and industry, and 11% in bioenergies, renewable energies and electrical flexibility
  • More than 28 GW of power generation
L'énergie locale décarbonée

Local decarbonizing energy production 

How can we achieve more while using fewer resources? How can we achieve greater autonomy and improved well-being while reducing pollution, risk and waste? Whether it's to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and drastically cut CO2 emissions, or to promote green energies and energy savings, we firmly believe that the sources and solutions lie at local level. Low-carbon energy produced locally, where every waste product becomes a resource and every energy source is recovered and valorized!




Veolia is the perfect missing link, able to offer local decarbonizing energy by recovering what was previously unexploited, such as sludge, biogas, waste heat and cold, doing it wherever it's available locally, in the territories, at all our sites and at all our customers' sites.

Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia

Estelle Brachlianoff, Direction générale, Veolia

Veolia’s energy offering

We benefit from a unique offering and differentiating positioning, making our Group the reference in local, low-carbon and affordable energy production and management, and a leader in our market. As our customers’ needs evolve in the quest for solutions to decarbonize energy and their activities, we offer services tailored to each requirement, through three offerings:

Bioenergy and Renewable Energies, Flexibility and Ancillary Services

Energie renouvelable : champs de panneaux solaires

District heating and cooling networks

Udine heating network, Veolia Italy

Energy efficiency services for buildings and industry

Energetic efficiency

Energy efficiency services for buildings and industry:

Reducing the carbon emissions of cities, buildings and industries to improve their efficiency and reduce their consumption.

Ensuring energy security and availability through local and renewable energy sources

Offering affordable energy at a guaranteed price regardless of geopolitical tensions and minimum energy consumption

Concrete examples:

Renewable energy

Producing local low-carbon energy in Selchp, London.

Supplying local areas with energy through heating and cooling network

Providing energy services for buildings

Electrical flexibility

Reduce consumption at industrial sites to avoid power cuts on the grid with Flexcity. 

Discover: The Electrical Flexibility to ensure network reliability

Innovation for a desirable and a sustainable energy future  

We put all our expertise and Research & Innovation efforts at the service of ecological transformation, to produce local, low-carbon, stable energy. In this way, we harness all sources of energy, right in the heart of the regions: 

Solar energy

bioenergy: solar panels

Photovoltaic energy, a key factor in France's energy sovereignty. 


Anaerobic digestion: City bus

Hydrogen production from sewage sludge

Geothermal energy

Geothermal energy in Paris Saclay, France

Energy optimization for buildings using deep geothermal energy

Through the production and management of renewable energies, and in a rapidly changing energy landscape, we advocate energy sobriety. The Group's solutions for decarbonizing and decentralising energy sources, as well as for digitising related services, are helping to develop this approach. These solutions are shaping the energy landscape of tomorrow!


Decarbonization with Veolia’s Greenpath solutions

Build a sustainable decarbonization model with GreenPath Zero Carbon solutions

Energy decentralization 

Decentralization of energy: Virtual power plants, intelligent networks, blockchain

Promoting decentralisation through smart grids


Hubgrade, Veolia’s digital services

Managing facilities with Hubgrade by Veolia, combining artificial intelligence and human expertise

More than 40% of fossil fuels could be replaced in the European Union if we exploited all territorial energy sources in waste, water, geothermal energy, the recovery of lost heat and cold, or photovoltaics. At Veolia, we have the solutions, we're ready!

Estelle Brachlianoff, Chief Executive Officer of Veolia