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Eco-neighbourhoods: the city of the future’s laboratories

Smart, green, pleasant, sustainable... Eco-neighbourhoods meet the twofold challenge of improving residents’ quality of life and managing resources in a sustainable way.

Renewable energy and water management

Whether it is a residential district, a university campus, or a shopping, hospital or business complex, energy in an eco-neighbourhood comes mainly from renewable (solar, geothermal, biomass, wind) or recovered (waste recovery, heat recovery from data centres and wastewater, cogeneration) energy sources. These stand-alone energy sources, as opposed to centralized networks, are therefore more resilient. In addition, eco-neighbourhoods favour alternative and integrated water management (rainwater, spring water) and ecological wastewater treatment to protect groundwater.

Waste as a resource for a new economy

Although selective sorting is automatic in eco-neighbourhoods, reducing waste production and recycling involves setting up a careful and diverse local organization: composting organic waste that will be used for gardens and green spaces, recycling construction waste, reusing resources as part of a rehabilitation project. Life size laboratories, these smart and innovative neighbourhoods are experimenting with solutions for cities of the future.

Veolia brings comprehensive and integrated solutions in terms of resource management to help local authorities and eco-neighbourhoods meet sustainable city challenges: optimized water management, energy efficiency, alternative energy production, waste recovery, etc.

340% the increase in the number of eco-neighbourhood projects worlwide in the last 10 years
Between 2012 and 2015, 39 sustainable urban development projects
In 2013, Veolia set up the 1st pneumatic waste collection network in Paris
Our goal is to make Barangaroo South the very first carbon neutral neighbourhood. The use of shared infrastructure, a water recycling system, and cooling networks are key to the success of our projects. We are delighted to work with Veolia, whose experience will enable us to achieve our.

Our solutions for eco-neighbourhoods