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“CO2 Challenge Team”: Veolia calls for the challenge of global warming to be addressed

To mark the opening of COP25 today in Madrid (Spain), Veolia is launching a digital campaign inviting everyone to join the "CO2 Challenge team" to fight climate change.

In the face of the challenge of the century, Veolia is engaging and inviting citizens to get involved in fighting global warming through a dedicated digital campaign: CO2 Challenge Team. Launched on social networks and the Internet in France, the United Kingdom, North America, Spain and South America, the campaign reminds us that although it is an emergency, solutions do exist. And invites everyone to "rise to the challenge together" by joining the CO2 Challenge Team.


It is everyone's business

Action has to be taken urgently: in order not to trigger an irreversible process, global warming must be limited to less than 2°C by the end of the century. It is an emergency, but it is not inevitable. And it is within our reach.


Let's rise to the challenge together!

Because solutions exist and need to be widely deployed, we can all do something at our own level. Let's start a virtuous circle. Let's team up to reduce CO2 emissions, limit global warming, and preserve the planet for us and for future generations.


It's up to you!

Over a period of several weeks, Internet users will be able to discover Veolia's solutions and measure the impact of virtuous behaviours using online calculators. A chatbot will also be available on Facebook to provide a better understanding of the issues relating to the environment, water and waste, and to discover the environmentally-friendly things we can do to fight global warming together.

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