Veolia subsidiary SODI – specializing in industrial maintenance - works alongside TOTAL Grandpuits

Veolia has supported Total in its site maintenance for more than 30 years. Its subsidiary SODI, which specializes in industrial maintenance, has been managing the contract for the Grandpuits refinery over the past ten years. The COVID-19 crisis has been more than ever the opportunity for Veolia to stand by its partner and be present at all times.

14 employees are responsible for the "Clean Factory" contract: industrial unit and equipment cleaning services, and waste management. In addition, SODI carries out onsite maintenance work, including washing area maintenance (UHP cleaning on exchangers), catalysis work (emptying and refilling reactors), tank cleaning and unit shutdown work.

SODI also operates on all the other TOTAL Group refineries, mainly on tank cleaning, shutdown management, chemical decontamination and catalysis.

Years of partnership and experience have enabled SODI to develop specific and proven services and skills in this sector.