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Veolia signs the Sanitation and Water for All declaration: "Water, sanitation and hygiene: world leaders call for action on COVID-19".

In the midst of a global health crisis, access to sanitation and drinking water is more critical than ever: Veolia Chairman and CEO Antoine Frérot - alongside many heads of state, UN agencies, multilateral development bodies and other stakeholders and economic actors who signed the declaration - points out that in the absence of vaccines or medical treatment for sufferers, water, sanitation and hand hygiene are essential in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All the signatories - national, regional and global leaders - are committed to 5 goals:

  • Making water, sanitation and hygiene available to everyone, eliminating inequalities and leaving no one behind, taking care of those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19.
  • Working collaboratively with all stakeholders in a coordinated manner to improve water and sanitation services and protect populations from COVID-19.
  • Ensuring that water and sanitation systems are resilient and sustainable in order to protect people’s health and support national health systems.
  • Prioritizing the mobilization of finance to support countries in their response to this crisis by providing long-term solutions for access to water, sanitation and hygiene.
  • Delivering accurate, transparent and rational information based on scientific advice that is accessible to everyone.
Veolia is organizing itself to ensure the maintenance of its essential services, while guaranteeing the safety of its employees.

"Let us ensure this COVID-19 threat is not a missed opportunity to achieve our vision of universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene. As leaders, this is our chance to save lives," concluded the signatories of the declaration.


"This statement is exactly what Veolia believes in; it is what we contribute to and want to contribute every day, starting with our employees who work in the field every day and going all the way up to the highest levels of management", emphasized Antoine Frérot.


Sanitation and Water for All, an alliance of governments from Africa, South America and Asia. Created by Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister of Australia, the alliance is led by Catarina de Albuquerque, former UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Water and Sanitation.