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Veolia’s International Health and Safety at Work Week: Veolia employees pledge to "Act for a better tomorrow"

From 16 to 20 September 2019 and for the fifth consecutive year, Veolia is organizing its International Health and Safety Week". The week mobilizes all employees around the world focusing on workplace risk prevention under the banner of "Act for a better tomorrow".


The "Observing is caring" campaign for more participative security

Veolia is committed to preserving the health and safety of all its employees. Under the slogan "Act for a better tomorrow", the Group is this year tackling the concept of safety through behaviour, with a campaign called "Observing is caring". It aims to make employees aware of the importance of participatory safety in the workplace so that colleagues protect each other; it is inspired by a family environment in which everyone instinctively protects their family members from everyday dangers. Dangerous acts are still one of the factors causing most incidents in the workplace.


The goal of the “Observing is caring” campaign is to change behaviours to greater safety through mutual encouragement and coaching. To encourage employees to take a proactive role, Veolia has deployed several tools: the "Observing is caring" video followed by exercises to try after watching it; a guide for managers explaining the importance of "mutual observation", and a digital platform that will list good practices from around the world on the basis of "Copy and Adapt".

Chief Operating Officer, Veolia
At Veolia, safety is our priority and is non-negotiable. We care about you and your health. So you just have to do one thing: be as vigilant at work as you are at home. So, if at work you see something about to happen to a colleague or yourself, if you see a risk or if you have a doubt, say it, step in and stop the task. There’s nothing more important than that. Just as you would at home, do it exactly the same way at work!
Estelle Brachlianoff
Veolia’s Chief Operating Officer

Veolia involves all its managers

To improve the culture of risk prevention at work and achieve its "zero accident" goal, Veolia involves all its managers. The Group has developed standards that give greater consideration to health and safety risks, improve communication and dialogue around risky behaviours, trains all employees, and continuously monitors health and safety prevention performance. As a result, the frequency of workplace accidents has fallen sharply in the Group over the last 10 years.

Antoine Frérot, Veolia Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
An accident frequency rate of less than 6.5 by 2020 is one of the 9 criteria connected to our CSR commitments. This is also why in the overall performance of our future strategic period, safety at work will be one of the criteria we will define for the next four years.
Antoine frérot
Veolia Chairman and CEO

“My investment for tomorrow": 2nd edition of the competition for children of Veolia employees 

For the second consecutive year, Veolia launched the visual creation competition "My investment for tomorrow" for children of its employees. The challenge: ask the children to imagine what their parents should and shouldn’t do – ("To do" and "Not to do") – so they come back home in good health.

The 2018 edition of the competition created a dialogue in employees’ families about the risks at work. A good understanding of individual habits and behaviours in relation to health and safety risks is often rooted in the family unit.
Jean-Marie Lambert
Veolia Senior Executive Vice President, Human Resources

3,000 children aged 3 to 17 participated in the 2019 contest by producing an illustration related to these behaviours and the slogan "Act for a better tomorrow". Also this year, all employees on the Group's sites were invited to vote to elect the best creations on their particular site, and to come up with a name for the health and safety mascot.

The 4 winners, selected by Veolia management in the countries and then by a final Group jury, received their prizes at a ceremony held at Veolia headquarters in Aubervilliers on 3 September in the presence of Jean-Marie Lambert. 


The winners were:

  • Yi Xuan (aged 5, China), won the 3-6 year old category prize, for the creation that will illustrate the 2020 calendar of Veolia International Health & Safety Week.

  • Eden (aged 10 - France), won the 7-12 year old category prize, for the visual creation of the T-shirt.

  • Harshni Priya (aged 16 - Singapore), won the 13-17 year old category prize, for the visual creation of the poster for the event.

  • Juan Manuel Albertu Montesinos (employee category - Spain), won the prize for naming Veolia's health and safety mascot with the suggestion "Belive".