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Veolia is raising the public’s awareness about the importance of protecting the world’s oceans from plastic pollution on the occasion of BiodiversiTerre

The second ever BiodiversiTerre event will welcome the public to Place de la République in Paris on 2-5 June. The event organised by Paris City Hall and created by Gad Weil, a street artist, and his cultural enterprise, Place Grand Public, will give pride of place to nature in the heart of the city via a plant installation in the square. As an event partner, Veolia is encouraging visitors to take action in their daily lives to conserve natural resources and limit pollution.


Eco, Veolia’s baby dolphin

Visitors will be educated about the importance of conserving natural resources and limiting pollution in Veolia’s area at the event. They will be able to admire a 6m long dolphin made from used plastic bottles by the artist Gad Weil. Younger visitors will also be able to help build a smaller artwork – Eco, the baby dolphin – also made from plastic bottles.

Two of the group’s partners will be attending the event: the Tara Expeditions Foundation will be staging an exhibition of plastic pollution of the oceans, while La REcyclerie will be running educational workshops aimed at children: My little vegetable garden, Seed eggs, Waste sorting, Plastic flower garland, Plastic bag crochet, and Say no to plastic straws.


Veolia is combating ocean pollution

Veolia will present its solutions for combating plastic pollution of the world’s oceans at 11:00 on 5 June at a conference organised by the UN at BiodiversiTerre. These solutions address the following three issues:

  • Treating pollution on the coast and upstream.
  • Preventing and reducing regions’ vulnerability.
  • Changing production methods and consumption patterns to reduce pollution at source.

BiodiversiTerre 2018: Place de la République is going green

Eight live ephemeral plant tableaux will enable visitors to gain a better grasp of environmental issues and “our relationship with nature.” The themes will be Nature nourishes us, France – the land of milk, Recycling, the Circular Economy, Smart Cities and the energy of nature, Organic food, and Nature, a source of beauty.

200,000 visitors are expected at this event which will take place during European Sustainable Development Week (30 May – 5 June) and will end on World Environment Day on 5 June.