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New series of water and sanitation successes for Veolia in France!

Veolia has just won new water and sanitation contracts in France from the city of Saint-Pierre in Réunion, the inter-municipal drinking water service covering the municipalities of Frontignan, Balaruc-les-Bains and Balaruc-le-Vieux in the region of Occitanie, and the La Barche inter-municipal wastewater service in Lorraine.

► On the island of Réunion, the city of Saint-Pierre has renewed its contract with Veolia for a further 11 years. Veolia will manage the public drinking water and wastewater services for its 82,000 inhabitants.
For drinking water, the new contract focuses on proximity with the creation of a consulting area for customers. An innovative supervision and management service, “Hypervision 360”, delivers predictive operational management by combining data from sensors across the network in real time.
For wastewater, maintenance on wastewater collection networks will be improved and innovative technologies will be installed to treat odours. 100% of the sewage sludge will be composted as part of a circular economy approach.
► In the Occitanie region, the inter-municipal drinking water service covering the municipalities of Frontignan, Balaruc-les-Bains and Balaruc-le-Vieux, has renewed its trust in Veolia for a further 10 years, for the management of its drinking water service which serves nearly 32,000 people. The innovative "Hypervision 360" service will use the data collected by remote meter readings to improve network performance. Goal: achieve a yield of 85%.
► In the Lorraine region, the La Barche inter-municipal wastewater service- which covers the municipalities of Hagondange, Talange, Bronvaux, Pierrevillers and Marange-Silvange - chose Veolia to manage municipal wastewater for a period of 12 years. The contract includes the construction and operation of a unit to inject biomethane into the public gas network.

“These new contracts reflect our clients’ trust in our teams. They were also an opportunity to present new innovations and a level of service to match their expectations for performance, responsiveness, governance and digitalization. These successes are also indicative of the drive behind our new corporate project, Osons 20/20, with its aim of making us the leader and THE reference for drinking water and wastewater services in the future in France. It is for this reason that Veolia Water France is making local engagement its number one priority in 2018 in order to improve our understanding of clients’ needs and to respond even more quickly to their expectations,” explains Frédéric Van Heems, CEO of Veolia’s Water business in France.

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