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Germany: Brunswick chooses Veolia for its power generation concession

Brunswick, a city with a population of 250,000 in Lower Saxony, northern Germany, has granted a 20-year concession for Veolia to operate its electricity and gas networks.

Under this contract, 500 Veolia employees will operate the 2,960 km which comprises the city’s electricity network and 1,140 km of its gas network. Veolia guarantees efficient installations, affordable rates for users, high-performance services, and compliance with the highest environmental standards. 

Network management will include modernisation of the electricity and gas networks by decentralising supply, integrating renewable energy power stations, and developing e-mobility within the city. 

The subsidiary BS|Energy, who is in charge of this contract, will supply electricity and gas at the best possible price and will consolidate its presence on digital media to interact more fluidly with users. It will implement maintenance to include digital solutions and develop smart grids, thus contributing to Germany's energy transition.

To support e-mobility, BS|ENERGY will invest in Brunswick’s charging infrastructure over the period 2021-2026. Through regular audits, it will optimise its own energy efficiency by implementing an energy management system. It will use alternative fuels (electricity, gas, and hybrids) for 100% of its vehicles.


Germany’s energy transition

Germany has reached a turning point in its energy policy with the implementation of one of the most ambitious strategies in Europe - die Energiewende - which includes two flagship measures: diversifying away from nuclear power by 2022 and moving to 100 % renewable electricity by 2050. The country has become a genuine alternative energy laboratory with one clear objective: to supply green energy to the German electricity and heating networks.