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“Ecogeste Lycées 2019": Veolia and Les Éditeurs d'Éducation team up to recycle old textbooks in 4,000 high schools in France

Veolia and Les Éditeurs d'Éducation - an inter-professional association of school book publishers – are launching the "Ecogeste Lycées 2019" operation to recycle textbooks in 4,000 high schools in mainland France. The "Ecogeste Collèges" operation in 2016 and 2017, initiated by Belin Education and Veolia at the time of the reform of the secondary school curriculum resulted in 2.6 million textbooks, equivalent to 2,000 tonnes of paper, being recycled.


With the reforms to the baccalaureate and vocational education, at the beginning of September 4,000 high schools have to replace all their textbooks for two levels. With the Ecogeste Lycées 2019, Veolia and Les Éditeurs d'Éducation will help these schools mobilize students and teachers around the circular economy and recycling. The collected textbooks will be sorted and transformed into raw materials that paper manufacturers will use to make recycled paper. All profits will be donated to a charity.

"Ecogeste Lycées 2019" operation timeline:

> until 14 July: high schools and parents' associations can subscribe to the operation

> until 14 September: confirmation of participation on the website:

> September and October: Veolia collects the old textbooks and paper from the high schools

> last step: Veolia sorts the paper on the basis of its quality and then recycles it to produce raw materials that paper manufacturers will use to make recycled paper.


"Écogeste Lycées 2019" is a free solidarity operation. Les Éditeurs d'Éducation and Veolia will donate all proceeds to charity. 


The association Les Éditeurs d'Éducation is a group of more than twenty textbook publishing houses and brands (Belin Éducation – Bertrand-Lacoste – Bordas – Casteilla – Delagrave – Éditions Didier – Docéo – Fontaine Picard – Foucher – Génération 5 – Le Génie Éditeur – GEP – Hachette Éducation – Hatier – Istra – Jeulin – La Librairie des Écoles – – LT Lanore – Magnard – Éditions Maison des Langues – Nathan – Retz – Le Robert – Sed – SEDRAP – Vuibert).


With "Écogeste collèges 2017", Editions Belin and Veolia will be able to recycle several million obsolete textbooks

Veolia’s waste treatment and recovery expertise

Waste recycling & recovery by Veolia in France