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Decision of the Paris Judicial Tribunal

Veolia takes note of the decision of the Paris Judicial Court, ruling in summary proceedings, to declare itself incompetent to rule.

Veolia would like to remind that the Paris Court of Appeal ruled, in its judgment of November 19, 2020 that the deadline for consulting Suez’s employees representative bodies was set at three months. The information-consultation of Suez’s employees representative bodies began on November 5, 2020, as confirmed by the Suez group before several courts. Consequently, it ends on February 5, 2021 at the latest and Veolia will recover all of its rights on that same date.

Only the management of Suez is under legal duty to organize the information-consultation of its employee representative bodies. Veolia has provided Suez’s management with all the information and documents necessary for this information-consultation.

Several weeks ago, the Veolia group has made available to experts from these bodies an extended data room, and an individual, privy and secured access to information which is normally of a confidential nature linked to trade secrets. Veolia's voluntary approach goes beyond the legal information obligations due to the representative bodies of a third-party company, especially since Veolia has already sent Suez, since mid-October, all the information enabling the employee representative bodies of Suez to assess the importance of the proposed operation and to deliver an opinion.

The Veolia group notices that as of January 15, 2021, these documents have still not been consulted by the experts of the bodies representing Suez’s personnel.

Veolia finally reminds that the various delaying tactics by Suez and its employee representative bodies to impede the smooth running of the information-consultation procedures are currently the subject of several legal proceedings, in particular an action before the Judicial Court of Nanterre whose decision is expected on February 3 and an appeal to the Court of Cassation, which will be ruled on March 24.


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