Veolia provides experts from Suez works councils with privy documents on its project

As part of the information-consultation procedure of Suez’s works councils currently in progress, the Veolia group announces that it is making available to experts from these bodies an extended data room that goes far beyond legal obligations. As of today, the experts chosen and appointed by the employee representative bodies of Suez have individual, privy and secured access to information which is normally of a confidential nature linked to trade secrets.

Veolia's voluntary approach goes beyond the legal information obligations due to the representative bodies of a third-party company, especially since Veolia has already sent Suez, since mid-October, all the information enabling the employee representative bodies of Suez to assess the importance of the proposed operation and to deliver an opinion. This approach is in line with the Group's desire to be fully transparent about its project with Suez, in line with all the announcements and all the commitments it made public as soon as August 30, 2020.

This privileged access, which must guarantee the confidentiality of the information provided by Veolia, is further proof of the Group's commitment to allow consultation of the Suez group councils as soon as possible. The experts chosen and appointed by the employee representative bodies of Suez will enable them to give a fully informed opinion on the project.

Antoine Frérot, Chairman and CEO of Veolia, declares: “As of August 30, I wanted to make our project public, so that everyone can become acquainted with it freely. For three months now, I have repeatedly stated my desire to present this project to the employees of the Suez group and their work representatives. I therefore invite them once again to offer me a date to meet them and discuss this project, its ambitions, its opportunities, the job guarantees to which I have publicly committed several times and our future as a great French world champion of the ecological transformation. ”

The documents available in this data room are in particular the presentation of the project and its ambitions (78 pages), the written commitments of Veolia and Meridiam on employment and its preservation, the offer submitted to Engie on August 30, the cooperation agreement between Veolia and Meridiam concluded on August 30, the commitments and ambitions of Meridiam for Suez Eau France, the acquisition contract for the 29.9% of Suez held by Engie or the analyzes of the activities subject to review by the relevant competition authorities. Finally, this database also includes the documents submitted to Veolia employee representative bodies or their experts, including the reports of these experts, documents already sent to the Suez group in early October 2020.


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