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Dubai optimizes its energy performance

In Dubai, Veolia - through its subsidiary Enova - has established an energy performance control center, in order to significantly reduce the energy consumption of buildings.

In Dubai, Veolia set up Hubgrade, an integrated energy performance control platform that aggregates and analyses real-time data collected by a number of sensors and systems on site. This hypervision tool can rapidly identify malfunctions and optimization levers of energy performance.

Installing the remote control system generates an average saving of 5% on buildings’ energy bill. Implementing energy saving measures, made possible by precise and real-time monitoring, can reduce energy consumption by 25 to 35% depending on the type of building and investment made, and reduce carbon emissions by 3,250 tons per year.  

An average saving of 5% on the energy bill 

Energy consumption reduction by 25 to 35% 

CO2 emissions reduced by 3,250 tons per year

More than 5,000 points connected to the energy performance control center 


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