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Wastewater produces energy with Energido

In Marseille, Veolia heats the pools of the prestigious Cercle de Nageurs de Marseille (CNM) centre with Energido - a solution that recovers heat from wastewater.

Patented by Veolia, Energido is a solution that diverts some of the wastewater through a heat exchanger, transferring the energy it contains to a heat transfer fluid. The heat recovered then passes through a reversible heat pump able to transfer the energy to water that will be fed into the heating or cooling system as required.


Turning wastewater into energy

At the Cercle de Nageurs de Marseille, the solution keeps the temperature of its Olympic-sized swimming pools at 27°C all year round and preheats the hot water in the changing rooms. With Energido, CNM has saved 35% on its annual energy bill. 230 tons of CO2 are avoided every year.

The Energido solution has also been deployed in other aquatic centres in France, in particular in Arras and more recently in Aix-les-Bains. In Arras, Energido covers 75% of the annual gas requirements of Aquarena, a 4000 m2 complex, and has generated a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. In Aix-les-Bains, 90% of the heat required in the five pools is provided by the Energido unit, which has a thermal output of 600 kilowatts.  

Stable temperature at 27°C

35% savings on the annual energy bill

230 metric tons of CO2 avoided every year


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